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Plant P13

Plant P13

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Our florists only use seasonal plants in pots to create unique floral works.
We don't do style casting, but to get as close to your expectations as possible, please let us know your preferences and needs.
As always, we sincerely hope to deliver flowers and botanical decorations that the recipient will love.
If you have preferences such as plant species, you need to send a greeting card with words written on it, or if you have any special needs, please be sure to tell us.


  • The product pictures are for reference only. Due to the limitation of the weather season and the supply of potted plants, the actual selection of potted plants depends on the supply situation at that time. If shown in the figure
    Plant pots are out of stock, our florist will whatsapp or email to tell you to use the same or similar plant pots to replace, no refunds
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